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Based in Zürich, Switzerland, though bound to the road, Brigitte Clements' background as a diplomat and a thief provided the backbone to crafting furniture without meaning. Designing + building proved a natural remedy to satiate curiosities. 

All pieces of furniture are handcrafted and finished from beginning to end. The steel is bought in six meter lengths and is then cut, welded, sanded and finished at the workshop. Materials such as glass, wood and leather are sourced per requirement and are regionally sourced. This series marks the beginning of an exploration of form and material. 

Moving away from design with a capital "D", I am interested in creating a dialogue with fellow designers and makers with the intention of bringing craftsmanship back to the ordinary of everyday. Please feel free to contact me; not limited to designers, builders, engineers, craftsmen, thinkers and toymakers. Pigeon post preferred, however modern modes of communication are accepted. 

As of 2019 I will be producing in both the UK (Buckinghamshire & London) and Switzerland. Please contact for quotes or an informal discussion on design and pricing. 

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